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Art History Study Guide for Final
Review for final exam, Art 2, Renaissance to Modern

The questions on the test will be taken from the categories below. I have left out some artists entirely and in some cases limited the objects being considered for questions. You will choose ten or twelve questions from 16 or more possibilities.

Art of Venice (two questions)
Palladio (Villa Rotonda only)
El Greco (Laocoon [National Gallery, DC] and View of Toledo [Met],
see Met essay on El Greco)
Northern Renaissance (two questions)
Albrecht Durer
Pieter Bruegel the elder (Return of the Hunters and The Harvesters – at the Met)
Hans Holbein the Younger
Baroque (four questions)
Rubens (excluding the “Allegory of Sight”)
(see Smarthistory and Met essay on Rubens and Van Dyke)
Caravaggio. (see Met essay on Caravaggio)
Bernini (see Met essays on Bernini and on Baroque Rome)
Velazquez (Las Meninas – see Smarthistory – and Juan de Pareja, at the Met)
See also Met essay on Velazquez.
Nicholas Poussin and Claude Lorrain (both French, working in Italy)
Dutch painting:
Hals (Willem Coymans at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.),
Rembrandt (self-portraits and The Syndics of the Cloth Guild),
Vermeer (especially Young Woman with a Water Pitcher at the Met)

For each of the movements listed below, be prepared to explain the meaning of each term and give specific examples. (8 questions)

the Enlightenment
Neoclassicism (and neoclassical history paintings)
Romanticism (consider the various expressions of this across Europe) mid-19th century French Realism
Cubism and Fauvism
Art of Venice (two questions)
Titan or Giorgione, 1510

-Oil on canvas
-Brownish from being very old, we man in center
-Musus=figures, idealize female nude, loose brushstrokes

Titian, Venus of Urbino, 1538

-Oil on canvas
-Similar to Sleeping Venus
-Mark Twain said “unseen”
-Seductive young bride
-Eyes wide open, dazing at love object
-Idealize female nudecompare to Michelangelo nudes to this
Titan Pesaro Madonna, 1526

-Very religious
-Similar to Giovanni Bellini
Giorgione, Sleeping Venus, 1510

-Well dressed women, removed clothes and fell asleep
-Idealized nude

Palladio, Villa Rotonda 1560

-Country, for a party enjoying landscape views
-Very symmetrical
-also called villa capra
- The building has a square plan with loggias on all four sides, which connect to terraces and the landscape. At the center of the plan, the two story circular hall with overlooking balconies was intended by Palladio to be roofed by a semicircular dome.

El Greco View of Toledo 1597

-Part of Venice
-Part of mannerist
-Poetic Landscape
-Sky from Venice, expressive stormy skies
-Not a topertical view
- The green of the vegetation dominates the bottom of the painting, creating a sharp contrast with the dark blue sky on the top. - By darkening the color of the clouds in the areas closest to the city, El Greco highlights the impressive architecture of Toledo, depicted in this painting with a spooky atmosphere

El Greco, The Laocoon 1610

-Long bodies, elegant pale nudes, mannerists, Michaelangleo
-Odd compositon
-Laocoon is a priest and mad that he shouldn’t have or bet on the wrong horse? -Motion of horror is upstaged
-Not Baroque, disoriented figures=mannerist
Northern Renaissance
Albrecht Durer, 1500

-Self-portrait, Rendered his self for Christ, not flattering but powerful pose -humanism compared to Leonardo
-Very elegant, gesture, wearing fur, long oily hair, Van Eyck Similar -Composition looks like Italy
-Careful about modeling, very stable, symmetrical composition -Initials in painting

Albrecht Durer, Adam and Eve Engraving 1504

* Engraving on metal steel
* Controposto
* -Naked, animals represent human body

Albrecht Durer, 4 Apostles, 1526

-Protestant Reformation translated bible...
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