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NCOER Bullets

(If you cannot say at least 2 nice things in every category, you are not trying.)

Remember actual concert, parade, ceremonies and other jobs that you play for people are METL execution task. If you are practicing / rehearsing it is METL training.
General Rules of the Game:
Keep track of good things to say on the NCO Counseling Checklist (DA Form 2166-8-1) year round. Keep track of quarterly counseling dates and enter them on the NCOER. Only mention great & wondrous deeds performed within the rating period (the past year). Being NCO Write at least 2 (preferably 3) bullets in each space.

ds to find PT scores, weapons scores, and recent awards. Good stuff to write about.

Think up some new stuff to add to the list for next time, and borrow some of these ideas if you need them.

ARMY VALUES (front side)

Her dedication is beyond question.
Truly dedicated to the unit.
Dedication to the unit is unquestionable.
Absolutely selfless in her dedication to the unit.
A dedicated and mission-oriented soldier of considerable skill. SGT Bilko is always in a position of leadership, either musical or military. Very dependable, hard working NCO.
Can always be counted upon to do the right thing.
Has a code of conduct that is based on the highest standards. Observant and dedicated; always ready to do the right thing. Quietly does the right thing all the time.
Treats everyone with respect.
Treats others fairly and with respect.
Makes an extraordinary effort to gain enough information from many sources to make progress toward the Has an excellent understanding of the principles of leadership; is sought out for fair and just advice in difficult situations.

Always speaks his mind quietly but firmly, and always looks to the greater good of the unit. Gives 110% effort in all aspects of military life.
Very dedicated to the nation and the unit.
An extremely effective leader who sets the standard for responsibility and commitment. A dedicated and competent musician whose first concern is the unit. Self-discipline is evident.
Personal conduct is exemplary.
Personal conduct is an inspiration to others.
Works harmoniously with others.
Will disagree with others in a professional manner.
Is dependable in meeting schedules and deadlines.
Always eager to go the distance for the unit.
A valuable asset to the unit and the Army.
Deals honestly and effectively with soldiers of all ranks.
Very dedicated as duty bugler for the VTARNG Honor Guard.
Personal conduct is above reproach.
Extremely dedicated; travels five million miles round trip to drill. Willingly assists with any project.
Contributes many valuable ideas to the group.
An extremely dedicated and valuable unit member.
Willingly pitches in for the good of the unit.
Always does the right thing in a diplomatic manner.
Extremely dedicated.
Takes pride in his job.
Displays positive, friendly and relaxed attitudes.
Works harmoniously with others.
Very dedicated to the unit.
Seeks every opportunity to help out.
Mission first.

Is governed by a high set of personal values grounded in sound moral character. An honest and trustworthy leader.
A loyal, honest and hardworking soldier and leader.
Makes many personal sacrifices to continue her military career. An extremely respected member of the unit who should be given every encouragement to stay. Has a definite perception of what is right, yet is open minded. This soldier exemplifies the principles of good behavior.

Always improving herself and the other members of the unit.
Self-disciplined, ready for any challenge.
Puts unit members and the good of the unit first.
An extremely capable leader.
A versatile and valuable unit member.
Soldier is absorbing Army values as a new NCO.
Treats everyone in the unit fairly and equally.
Has a strong sense of right & wrong.
Absolutely selfless in his dedication to the unit.
Give 110% effort in all aspects of military life.
An excellent...
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