Armstrong Case

Topics: Tour de France, Cheating Pages: 5 (1940 words) Published: August 29, 2013
Points to make:
1.What was the issue? Who was cheated?
a.The people who were not cheating
b.The sponsors supporting those who were not cheating
c.Bad image for the sponsors supporting those who did cheat d.Teammates being forced into doping
e.Public, as they weren’t witnessing a fair competition
2.Who is to blame?
a.Authorities were doing far too little to take drastic measures to stop these athletes from making a mockery of the sport of cycling and doing significant harm to its long term credibility b.The system was flawed, they needed to come hard onto the people doping but they didn’t and hence perpetuated this environment where to “level the playing field” you needed to dope c.The incident where Armstrong paid off UIC when he failed the tests i.Doping cover ups

ii.UIC’s Ticket to America – ticket to a lot of money
d.Needed to incentivize the whistle-blowers, but seems like there was no incentive for whistle-blowers to come out clean either 3.Sympathetic view point
a.Level the playing field – everyone was doing it
b.Grow up with a single dream as evidenced by Taylor Hamilton’s decision to race with broken collar bones and shoulders c.Lance doesn’t consider himself a cheat – looks up definition of cheat 4.Unsympathetic viewpoint - What about the idea that “others were cheating too” a.It is absurd, not only at an intrinsic level, but also when compounded by how Armstrong was willfully exploiting his narriative to become a symbol that transcended both cycling and sport, all while knowing he was guilty, and bullying and suing anyone who happened to speak the truth – for example Nike Ad b.Not everyone was cheating

c.Not everyone was cheating equally – those with more resources at their disposal had better doctors and could get ahead of the cheating curve i.“Most sophisticated, specialized and doping program the sport has ever seen” ii.Blood doping – sophisticated, people who knew

iii.Ferrari scientific knowledge resulted in a sophisticated doping program 5.Why did he reveal now
a.Evidence was stacked against him
b.A lot of people had come out with the same story
c.Didn’t consider himself a cheat – looked up the definition of a cheat – similar to having “air in our tires or… water in our bottles” 6.How can it be fixed?
a.The only way to eliminate this choice is to put our greatest efforts into antidoping enforcement. The choice to kiss your childhood dream goodbye or live with a dishonest heart is horrid and tearing. b.. It’s so easy for a young athlete to get wrapped up in that. Since Festina, nothing has really been done to change mentalities, to look at people’s motivation, the way the media covers sport – and those are the real causes of doping. c.So you’re saying that the war on doping is being fought mainly or solely on a scientific and legislative front, and not on a cultural one? d.The media can’t and shouldn’t say that a guy is doping because he’s producing a certain number of watts. That’s not your role. I’m talking about something else. But I do think that journalists could help us by prioritising athletes’ ethics and values, pushing those to the forefront of our discourse on sport. Then you create a virtuous circle: talk more about sports people’s ethics and more besides them winning or losing, and then sponsors who want to project those same values for their company will also come onboard. That’s something that we could change. It might take 10, 15, 20 years but it’s achievable in my opinion

-American hero / cancer survivor who become a household name after winning 7 races and raising ton of $ and awareness for cancer -Cycling has a pervasive doping culture, Armstrong gets involved as well -As medicinal technology improves to catch the dopers, Armstrong and his team innovate to find ways to not be caught -Anyone who comes in his way is sued and bullied into silence -Finally comes out with the evidence is too overbearing

-On the one hand, you...
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