ARKY 303

Topics: 1980, 1966, 1973 Pages: 6 (1861 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Winter Semester 2014
Instructor: Mr. Don H. Butler
Office: ES750
Office Hours: Thursdays 3-5 pm or by appointment
Class: SS109
Times: Mon, Wed, Fri 11:00-11:50 am
Course Description:
This course provides a general survey of the archaeology of North America, north of Mexico. Temporal coverage extends from the earliest known evidence for human settlement in North America up to the period of European contact. Geographical regions covered include the Arctic, Subarctic, Plains, Plateau, Great Basin, West Coast, Northwest Coast, Eastern Woodlands, and Atlantic Canada. Past cultures discussed include Paleo-Indian, Norton, Dorset, Thule, Inuit, Pueblo, Adena, Hopewellian, Mississippian, Algonquian, Iroquoian, Norse, and Basque. Although principally descriptive in nature, this course introduces some current issues and debates within North American Archaeology, such as pseudoscientific explanations of the initial peopling of North America, aboriginalism, and alternative histories. Students will also gain a basic working knowledge of the goals and methods of archaeological research. Required Text:

Fagan, Brian M. 2005. Ancient North America: The Archaeology of a Continent, Fourth Edition. Thames and Hudson, London.
Course Grading:
• Quiz 1: 30% (Monday, February 10) Material covered up to the quiz; multiple choice • Quiz 2: 30% (Wednesday, March 19) Material covered after the first quiz; multiple choice • Final Exam: 40% (TBA) The final exam will be a multiple choice exam that covers all course materials, including readings and lectures. This exam will be scheduled during the exam period. • *Note: A passing grade on any particular component is not essential to pass the entire course. Important Dates:

Quiz 1: Monday, February 10
Quiz 2: Wednesday, March 19
Reading Week: Sunday, February 16 to Sunday, February 23
Last Day of Classes: Monday, April 14
Exam Period: Thursday, April 17; Saturday, April 19 to Tuesday, April 29

Arky 303: Archaeology of North America, 1

Week 1: Introduction
1. Course Description (Wed, Jan 8)
2. What is Archaeology? (Fri, Jan 10)
Week 2: Goals, Methods, and Theories
3. The Foundation of North American Archaeology (Text pp. 22-37) (Mon, Jan 13) 4. Accessing the Past: Method and Theory (Text pp. 38-52) (Wed, Jan 15) 5. Explaining Prehistoric Cultural Change (Text pp. 53-68) (Fri, Jan 17) Week 3: The Paleo-Indians

6. First Settlement (Text pp. 71-96) (Mon, Jan 20)
7. Later Paleo-Indian Cultures (Text pp. 97-114) (Wed, Jan 22) 8. Video: America’s Stone Age Explorers (Fri, Jan 24)
Week 4: The Great Plains; The Far North I
9. Bison Hunters on the Plains (Text pp. 117-141) (Mon, Jan 27) 10. Village Farmers of the Plains (Text pp. 142-164) (Wed, Jan 29) 11. Early Arctic Cultures (Text pp. 167-190) (Fri, Jan 31)
Week 5: The Far North II
12. Norton and Dorset (Text pp. 191-212) (Mon, Feb 3)
13. Thule and Inuit (Text pp. 191-212) (Wed, Feb 5)
14. Review (Fri, Feb 7)
Week 6: The West I
15. Quiz 1 (Mon, Feb 10)
16. Early Hunter-Gatherers on the West Coast (Text pp. 215-230) (Wed, Feb 12) 17. Later Prehistoric Societies of the Pacific Coast (Text pp. 233-263) (Fri, Feb 14) Week 7: Reading Week: Sun, Feb 16 to Sun, Feb 23

Week 8: The West II
18. The Great Basin and Western Interior (Text pp. 264-294) (Mon, Feb 24) 19. The Archaic of the Southwest and Lower Pecos (Text pp. 295-314) (Wed, Feb 26) 20. Agriculture and Village Life (Text pp. 315-334) (Fri, Feb 28) Week 9: The West III; The Eastern Woodlands I

21. The Rise of Pueblo Society (Text pp. 335-367) (Mon, Mar 3) 22. Early and Middle Archaic Cultures of the Eastern Woodlands (Text pp. 371-398) (Wed, Mar 5) 23. Late Archaic Cultures of the Eastern Woodlands (Text pp. 399-420) (Fri, Mar 7)

Arky 303: Archaeology of North America, 2

Week 10: The Eastern Woodlands II
24. Early Woodland and the Adena Complex (Text pp. 421-434) (Mon,...
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