arguments for homework

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Arguments for homework


As you may not be aware of homework is all out of class or at home activities/assignments that teachers give to students. Homework is an extension to schoolwork. It could be practicing skills learnt during the school day, preparing some information for a presentation or studying for tests. I believe that homework is helpful and necessary in order to make the school day learning efficient. Not to mention that we would be in school very much longer to learn the same things.

1. Take initiative – responsibility
You have to start and do your homework by yourself without the formal setting of school. You are the one that ensures that the work is done not a teacher.

Independence means that homework is planned and done by the pupil without interference from teacher or parents.

2. Develop time management
You have to make sure that time needed for homework is enough and that you still have time for your extra curricular activities and seeing friends and family. This ability to plan what you have to do is a very useful skill through life.

Time management will be especially important in projects that are running through a longer period that pupils often work on both in school and at home. These types of projects are a preparation both for higher studies and real work life.

3. Importance of planning and prioritisation
In order to have time for what you maybe enjoy more than homework you need to plan so that everything fits into your day. Some thing that you have to do and some things that you want to do. Just like it will be through life 4. Practice what you learnt during the school day

During the school day you learn new skills for example maybe a new grammatical tense in French or a new formula in maths but in order to really master these new skills you need to repeat and practice at home.

5. Preparation for lessons and for tests
The preparation is really the work of repeating what was explained on...
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