Argumentive Essay Notes

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The Argumentative Essay

The purpose of an argumentative essay is to persuade the reader to accept or seriously consider your opinion on a controversial issue.

Has 3 parts: Claim, Counter Claim, Rebuttal, (plus Introduction and Conclusion)

Whom are you trying to reach?
What do they already know about your topic?
What is your relationship with your audience and how does it impact your word choice and tone?


Your opinion or position on an issue
Must be supported with evidence
(Quotes, fact, data)
Evidence must be explained
RACE paragraph= Claim

Counter Claim

Consider the opposite side
Argues against your claim
Turn against your argument to challenge it
The turn back to reaffirm your position


Turn back to your original position
Responds to and refutes issues presented by the counterclaim

The opposing side

Ask these questions
Who might disagree with my position? Why?
What reasons do people have for disagreeing with me?
What evidence would support an opposing argument?

Counter Claim

Key phrases
One might object that
It might seem that
It’s true that
Of course


Return to your original argument based upon careful reasoning. Show why counter argument is mistaken
Acknowledge it, but show why it is less important

Key phrases to use

Set Up

Claim 1
Claim 2
Counter Claim
6-8 sentences at least 5 paragraph
Be Cautious

It is true that counter arguments enrich argumentative writing However adding a weak counterargument or over doing it cause worse results.

Herbal medicines
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