Argentina's Democratic Transition

Topics: Argentina, Casa Rosada, Raúl Alfonsín Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: April 13, 2014
Internal Factors
Bottom Up democratic Transition:
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo was formed by 14 mothers who started demonstrations of the Plaza De Mayo in front of the Casa Rosada. These Mothers have lost their children during the Dirty War and wanted the government to be accountable to the disappearance of their children. The movement started taking strength as hundreds of women gathered together and marched in front of the Casa Rosada. The movement received international attention and the mothers seek support from the international community against the Military Junta of Argentina. Along with the Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo, there were also many other smaller groups that held demonstrations outside of the Casa Rosada. One in late 1982 was brutally repressed as a sign to show the relentlessness of the Military governemnt to relinquish their power. Civil Societies

General Confederation of Labour of Argentina was a party heavily suppressed by the military regime, however they rallied tens of thousands of supporters to rally in support of democracy. They Demonstrated in Plaza De mayo along with other major cities. Radical Civic Union Headed by Raul Alfonsin Strongly opposed the Military junta of Chile. Its leader was eventually elected as the president of Argentina. External Factors

The defeat at the Falkland's war led to the resignation of President Leopoldo Galtieri. Support for the Military regime waned even further. It wasnt long after the war that saw the collapse of the unstable Military regime. In 1983 Raul Alfonsin was democratically elected as the president of Argentina.
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