APUSH chapter 3 vocab

Topics: Protestantism, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Protestant Reformation, Puritan, Massachusetts / Pages: 10 (2059 words) / Published: May 5th, 2014

Settling the Northern Colonies Vocabulary

1. John Calvin
1. Protestant leader
2. Created dominant religion of American settlers
3. Wrote theories in Institutes of the Christian Religion

2. Anne Hutchinson:
1. Lived in Massachusetts Bay Colony
2. Promoted antinomianism
3. Banished and forced to walk and settle on Rhode Island

3. Roger Williams:
1. Wanted to break from the Church of England
2. Though Massachusetts Bay Colony was unfair to the Indians; banished
3. Built Baptist Church in Rhode Island; complete freedom of religion and shelter for Jews, Catholics, and Quakers

4. Henry Hudson:
1. English explorer
2. Filed a Dutch claim to what he thought was a shortcut through the continent
3. Employed by the Dutch East India Company

5. William Bradford:
1. Lived in Plymouth
2. Elected Governor
3. Feared the non-puritan settlers

6. Peter Stuyvesant:
1. Led a small Dutch military expedition
2. Called the Swedish Settlement that he took New Amsterdam
3. Forced to surrender without firing a single shot by an English squadron

7. Thomas Hooker:
1. Prominent Puritan colonial leader
2. Founded the Colony of Connecticut
3. Outstanding speaker and a leader of universal Christian suffrage

8. William Penn:
Founded the Colony of Pennsylvania
King Charles II handed over a piece of his American land to satisfy a debt
Improved relations between whites and Indians

9. John Winthrop:
First governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and served for 19 years
Successful attorney and manor lord in England
Eagerly accepted offer to become a governor because he believed he had a “calling” from God to lead the new religious experiment

10. King Philip (Metacom)
Massasoit’s son
Forged an intertribal unity
Mounted a series of coordinated assaults on English villages

11. John Cotton:
Massachusetts Bay minister who was prominent among the early clergy
Puritan who immigrated to Massachusetts to avoid persecution for

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