APUSH Ch. 1- 7

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Powhatan, John Rolfe Pages: 4 (742 words) Published: March 6, 2014
Chelsey Lopez

Colonial Era Test Topics: Chapter 1 -7

Causes of Expansion
Christian Crusades: control over Holy Land from Muslims, exotic delight from asia (silk, sugar) Marco Polo: venetian merchant traveler, introduced Europeans to Central Asia and China Improvement in navigation tech.

Primogeniture: the legal principal that the firstborn to inherit entire estate (property & land) Development of Joint Stock companies: economic arrangement by which number of investors poo their capital for investment. Ex. – Virginia Company, received charter from King George I for settlement in New World, American silver fueled the rise of capitalism. Rivalry between English and Spain

Southern Colonies: GA, SC, NC,VA (Chesapeake Bay)
Fertile soil, hot and humid climate, soil exhaustion: prime land disappeared Agricultural economy
“Headright” System: VA and Maryland to encourage importation of servant workers Merchant class, Anglican
Bacon’s Rebellion: 1676 – led by Nathaniel Bacon, 29 year old planter, Virginia’s Gov’n: William Berkeley. Young single men frustrated by broken hopes of acquiring land. Bacon died of disease and Berkeley crushed their hopes. Development of Slavery: Royal African Company lost its monopoly in 1689, Stono Rebellion in 1739 (South Carolina)

Middle Colonies: NY, NJ, PA, DE
Fertile soil: “Bread Basket”
Ethnic Mix
Intermediate- sized land holdings
Religious tolerance
Variety of economic activity and industry (ship building, lumber, commerce)

New England Colonies: MA, RI, CT, NH
Cold, harsh, climate
Poor soil, commercial economy
Family units, congregational church, importance in education Towns carefully planned, centered around church
Waning piety: The Halfway Covenant 1662, created less distinction between the “elect: and the others (an easier way to become a member, baptism but not full communion, partial membership) 1662 – Salem Witch Trials: adolescent girls claimed to be bewitched by a certain...
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