Topics: War of 1812, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Jackson Pages: 3 (587 words) Published: December 10, 2013
Ch. 7 (pp. 249-263)
The War of 1812
William Henry Harrison
General of US army
Thought to attack Lake Erie

Captain Oliver Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie
Constructed fleet of vessels for war
Destroyed british squadron at Put-In-Bay and won
Brits pulled back from Detroit
Harrison defeated Brit and Indian force in Battle of Thames

Treaty of Ghent
Britain’s goal- peace in Europe, not any war
demanded territorial concessions from US- but gave way because they never controlled Great Lakes/Champlain and Washington raid- not significant enough Treaty
everything went back to normal for both countries (status quo ante bellum) US- didn’t gain/lose territory
Nothing done about impressment or neutral rights
had to fix US v Canada boundary lines

Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans
New Orleans Battle- most dramatic US victory
AFTER the treaty- before word spread
British Gen. Pakenham attacked army under Andrew Jackson (brits too confident) Jackson’s troops destroyed british & inflicted much more causalities upon them

Hartford (Federalist) Convention
series of resolutions summarizing New England’s grievances (vvv main one) NE becoming minority state-southern republicans didn’t understand it’s com. intrst Proposed to amend constitution
abolish 3/5’s clause
require 2/3’s vote of congress to declare war & admit states into the Union limit president to one term
prohibit election of two successive presidents from same state bar embargoes lasting more than 60 days
Bad for federalists
goal of Hart. Conv. to assert states’ rights rather than disunion Feds thougth it was traitorous plot
Stripped of primary grievance that fueled convention

The Awakening of American Nationalism
Era of Good Feelings
Description of Monroe’s administrations 1814-1824
War’s elimination of divisive issues
Monroe’s effort to avoid political issues

Dartmouth v. Woodward
Can New Hampshire transform a private college into a state...
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