Appreciation of the Art 1

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Assignment of Art

Lesson 1 The Language of Art

1. Rachel Whiteread’s House and Zhan Wang’s Urban Landscape both utilize everyday objects to
A. show the joy of urban living.
B. compare urban life with rural life.
***C. demonstrate humanity’s loss due to urbanization.
D. demonstrate how modern architecture has improved society.

2. Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror and Constable’s The Glebe Farm both demonstrate the fact that the colors used by an artist in a painting
A. don’t really affect the spectator’s understanding and appreciation of that work.
***B. are sometimes naturalistic and sometimes arbitrary.
C. are not only naturalistic but also arbitrary.
D. are realistic and invented by the painter to convey an
emotional content.

3. Leonardo da Vinci is well known as an Italian Renaissance painter of immense intellectual and creative powers. He was, in addition, a/an
A. innovative playwright. C. high church official.
***B. draftsman. D. masterful sculptor.

4. You would not normally expect to see images from nature when viewing the works of A. Ansel Adams. C. Frida Kahlo.
B. Imogen Cunningham. ***D. James Welling.

5. Among the two- and three-dimensional shapes used by artists to define space are biomorphic shapes, which are
A. three-dimensional and geometric.
B. two-dimensional and representational.
****C. naturalistic and formed by uneven curves.
D. representational shapes that have been simplified.

6. Brunelleschi’s experiments with a mirror and a painted copy of a mirror image of the Baptistry at Florence led to his discovery of
A. the rule of divergence in perception.
B. multiple-viewpoint perspective.
C. the principle of optic inversion.
****D. a means of creating the illusion of the third dimension.

7. In which of the following paintings is the technique of sfumato lighting used? A. Watteau’s Return from Cythera
****B. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
C. Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe
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