AP Us History Unit 5 study guide

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, Slavery in the United States Pages: 4 (1126 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Unit 5 Diane Arias
PI: Panic of 1857: broke out due to California gold inflating the currency and over-speculation in land and railroads. Two groups opposed the idea: Eastern industrialists feared that the free land would drain its supply of workers and the South feared that the West would fill up with free-soilers who would form anti-slavery states, unbalancing the Senate even more. The Tariff of 1857 lowered duties to about 20%. North blamed it for causing the panic, because they felt they needed higher duties for more protection, Republicans economic election of 1860: protection for the unprotected and farms for the farm less. 1849 California gold rush

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: ended Mexican war,
In December 1860, South Carolina's legislature met in Charleston and voted unanimously to secede 6 other states joined South Carolina: Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. 7 seceders met at Montgomery, Alabama in February 1861 and created a government known as the Confederate States of America. Slavery in the territories was to be prohibited north of 360 30' Know-Nothing Party formed by Protestants who were alarmed by the increase of immigrants from Ireland and Germany The Emancipation Proclamation called for freeing of all slaves in Confederate territory, except in locations where the Union had mostly regained control. Lincoln did not include the freeing of slaves in the Border States for fear that they would secede. The proclamation fundamentally changed the nature of the war because it effectively removed any chance of a negotiated The Civil War claimed over 600,000 lives and cost over $15 billion On June 3, 1864, Grant ordered the frontal assault on Cold Harbor. Thousands of Union soldiers were killed within a matter of minutes, but Grant's strategy of losing two men and killing one Confederate worked. He captured Richmond and cornered Lee. On April 9, 1865, Lee was forced to surrender the Army of Northern Virginia (a...
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