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“The Post-Cold War World, 1992 - 2008”

Continuing influx of new immigrants
Reshapes demographic patterns
Census shows rapid growth at the fastest pace in decades
Reflected steady growth in population of non-whites

a). The New Pilgrims
Second great wave of immigrants change “look” of America 17.5 Million immigrants (1981-2000)
Largest immigration period in U.S. history
By 2005, immigrants make up 12.4% of U.S. population
Immigrants settle in Western states (nearly 40%)
Economic and cultural shifts
LAX airport becomes new port of entry
California, the most populous state
Sources of recent immigration
More than ⅓ (legal, illegal) come from Central America
¼ come from Asia
Latino population grows by 24%
Asian population swells by 28%
Illegal immigration remains a problem
About ⅓ of immigrants in America are illegal
Nearly 850,000 unauthorized entrants yearly
Nation’s “Broken Borders”
Immigrants lose lives crossing the border into America from Mexico Immigration Act of 1965
Part of Johnson’s Great Society program
Authorized impartial acceptance of immigrants from all parts of the world Directly responsible for influx of Asians, Mexicans
Immigration Reform And Control Act of 1986
Aimed at curbing illegal immigration
Offered amnesty to aliens living in U.S.
Immigration Act of 1990
Opened doors wider
Rose immigration quotas
Cut back on restrictions for entry
Swift deportation of criminal aliens
Eligibility expanded again in 1992`
2001- U.S. and Mexico begin talkin about border security
Ease permits to allow illegals to stay
Rise in immigration led to anti-immigration feelings
Social assistance programs based upon the welfare state
Theme of multiculturalism
Signs of a larger American identity, values
Fear of loss of jobs to immigrants
Cultural backlash of conflicting social patterns
Proposition 187, California- 1994
Denied illegal immigrants access to public education, medical care Federal Courts issues an injunction
Prevents implementation of Prop 187 - permanently
Provides a model for other states to follow
Republican Congress goes on to pass immigration legislation
Barred legal immigrants from receiving food stamps, disability income and other federal programs of support California goes on to end support of bilingual education
Economy improves
Movement towards full employment in 1990s
Political shift to immigration debate
2000- Pressure grows to increase high-tech immigrant visas
Admit more unskilled workers for public service sector
Democrats and Republicans realize the voting power of Latinos Elian Gonzales- Immigration Case, 1999
Cuban refuge pulled from Florida coast at age 6
Others on boat had drowned trying to reach U.S. shoreline
Father (in Cuba) had not given permission for the boy to leave- wanted him back Miami Cubans, who hated Communist Castro Cuba, pled for Elian’s asylum Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) argued

Boy should be returned to his father in Cuba
Boy is seized by INS and returned to his father in Cuba
INS later attacked following 9/11 attacks in 2001
Blamed for allowing Saudi immigrants into America
Believed to have orchestrated airplane highjackers
Americans began to look at Arabs/ Muslims poorly
Condemn INS for security lapses
Failed at screening out potential terrorists
Post 9/11, U.S. fears swelling numbers of illegal immigrants Congress passes measures to prevent immigrants access
Volunteers patrol border between Mexico and Arizona
2006- Congress attempts to enact legislation
Tighten border security
Ease illegal immigration process to gain citizenship
Did not pass Congress

b). The Census Of 2000
2000 Census shows a 13% increase in population
Passes growth of post WW II Baby Boom
Increase in immigration
Longer life expectancy
By 2008, the U.S. reaches 303 Million people
Growth greatest in West- Expands by 19%
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