AP NSL Government Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: Test Review

AP NSL Government Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Test Review

1. Define Civil Liberties: Protections the Constitution provides against the abuse of government power Define Civil Rights: The rights of people to be treated without unreasonable or unconstitutional differences

2. Explain the free exercise and establishment clauses of the First Amendment. -First Amendment requirement that law cannot prevent free exercise of religion - First Amendment ban on laws "respecting an establishment of religion."

3. Define Incorporation: The extension of the Bill of rights liberties to include protections from state government violations.

4. What does the Supreme Court considered protected free speech? Give examples. What speech is not protected?

5. What is the clear and present danger test?
- Law should not punish speech unless there was a clear and present danger of producing harmful actions

6. Explain the concept of strict scrutiny. When is it used? - A Supreme Court test to see if a law denies equal protection because it does not serve a compelling state interest and is not narrowly tailored to achieve that goal. - It is used in cases if racial discrimination.

7. What is the difference between de jure and de facto segregation? - De Jure: racial segregation that is required by law
- De Facto: racial segregation that occurs in as a result of patterns of residential settlement

8. What were the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? - The Act bans the discrimination in employment and public accommodations on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.

9. What were the provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965? - The Act prohibits states from imposing any "voting qualification or prerequisite to voting, or standard, practice, or procedure ... to deny or abridge the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of...
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