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Topics: Acid rain, Air pollution, Oxygen Pages: 4 (571 words) Published: May 31, 2012
APES Study Guide
Air Pollution

Air Pollution (Endangered Global Commons)

Natural Air Pollutants
Volcanoessulfur oxides, particulates
Forest FiresCarbon monoxides, carbon dioxide, Nitrogen oxides, particulates
Wind stormsDust
Living PlantsHydrocarbons, pollen
Decaying plantsMethane, hydrogen sulfide
SeaSalt particulates

Major Air Pollutants

Carbon MonoxideFrom transportation Causes headache, dizziness, decreased tolerance to exercise Sulfur oxidesCoal fired power plantsAsthma, bronchitis

Nitrogen OxidesTransportation, Coal firedlung irritation, bronchitis
Power plants

ParticulatesCoal fired power plantsIrritation of respiratory tract, cancer


OxidantsTransportation, coal firedRespiratory irritation, emphysems
Power plants, industry

Components of fossil fuel
Hydrocarbonswhen incompletely burned form: carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and water
Hydrocarbons when completely burned form: carbon dioxide and water

Contaminants: sulfur---(heated)---Sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide

Mineral contaminant---(heated)…Particulates (e.g. lead and mercury)

Nitrogen gas----(heated)…Nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide

Many of the pollutants react with solar energy and water to produce secondary pollutants, for example sulfur dioxide and water form sulfuric acid.

Photochemical smog- unburned hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from power plants and automobiles react with sunlight to form secondary pollutants: ozone, formaldehyde, PAN. Ozone erodes rubber, irritates the respiratory system and damages plants.

Temperature inversion

Cleaner air
Bag filter at electric power plants remove particulates
Cyclone collector particulate removal- used in smaller industry
Electrostatic precipitator removal of particulates at coal fired electric plants
Spray collector, also called...
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