Antigone Timeline Essay Example

Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: December 13, 2011
“Antigone” Timeline:

- Select 6 key events in the play “Antigone”.
- Include these events in a chronological timeline.
- Your timeline must include the following:
▪ - Name of the event.
▪ - Page number of the event.
▪ - A paragraph reaction that you have towards the event.

1. Antigone decides to bury Polyneices' body despite what King Creon's orders are against that action.
PG. 773
- For this event, I think it is sweet that Antigone wants to give her brother a proper burial despite his course of action in the war. Antigone is going against what King Creon put forth as a law. Therefore, she is risking her life. Some say that she is crazy and stupid for doing so. However, I would say that she is doing a brave and noble deed that should be recognized in a positive way. Just because her brother, Polyneices, deserves a proper burial, it does not make his actions forgivable or forgettable. 2. Creon deems that Antigone should be and is to be walled up alive. PG 786

- In this event, I found it shocking that Creon would sentence Antigone to be walled up alive. Yes, Polyneices did wrong deeds but, Antigone was only being the noble and bigger person by giving him a proper burial. What Polyneices did was wrong. However, what Antigone did was noble and it shocked me that Creon would sentence her to be walled up alive for doing something noble even though it went against his demands.

3. Teiresias, the blind prophet, warns King Creon that Polyneices' body must be buried to prevent a plague from terrorizing and consuming Thebes. PG 801
- In this event, you can yruley see the ignorance leading up to the discussion. Teiresias is warning Creon that what he is about to inform him of is not pleasant. Creaon makes wise cracks saying that he won’t pay for his words to be said and he has an attitude all together towards the blind prophet. Once...
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