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Topics: Primate, Lemur, Strepsirrhini Pages: 4 (614 words) Published: April 27, 2014
The Two Suborders of Primates.

1. Prosimii

Rely more on smell than other primates
have mobile ears (like a cat)
fixed facial expressions

Many of these species are nocturnal and arboreal. (less emphasis on vision)

2 major groups:

Loris-like forms (Loris and Galagos (bush babies – see below)) eat fruit and bugs Mostly live in southeast Asia.

Lemur-like forms. Lemurs all from Madagascar. An ancestral population underwent adaptive radiation (geographically isolated on the large island; Madagascar has great variety of ecological niches and over time, the ancestral population evolved to fill these niches – no other competition – to constitute tremendous variety)

Go to
Update on the new Duke Primate Center website: Hold your cursor on 'Animals' in the horizontal banner and then choose 'Diurnal' or 'Nocturnal' to click on. Then, click on an animal species of your choice. May I suggest the Northern Giant Mouse Lemur? Scroll all the way down and view the slide show of pictures. Super cute!! Then, read above about Feeding, Reproduction, Social Behavior, etc.....

Read about these animals. Find the Blue-eyed lemur, the only other blue-eyed primate. Find the Lesser Mouse Lemur, the smallest primate. The Ring-Tailed are all matriarchal. The Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur, a hibernating primate, and the Sifakas are all beautiful. The rare Aye-Aye is creepy and fascinating. Read about the diverse diets and social organization. Take some notes as they may be useful during your Test. Remember special features about at least three different types of lemurs of your choice.

The gregarious ring-tailed lemurs.

A sifaka is about to move around in the trees by vertical clinging and leaping.

2. Anthropoidae

The suborder humans belong to. Includes Ceboidae (New World Monkeys); Cercopithoidea (Old World Monkeys) and Hominoidae (Apes and Humans).

Ceboidae features:...
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