Anne Bradstreet vs Jonathan Edwards Essay Example Examples and Term Papers

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Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards
Throughout the time, there has always been a debate regarding the hypothetical issue that deals with the existence of god and his role in mankind. Some believe that god has power to manipulate human fate, and consequences of their actions which mean if you do well, god will send you to heaven, if not to hell. Meanwhile, other opines that god does not decide the consequence of those actions. Whether you do well or bad, god will always be there with you. After reading and analyzing poems by Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards, although it is quite clear that they have many similar religious beliefs and similar base, Puritanism, it is obvious that there is a huge gap in belief between the two authors. Edward's writing takes Puritanism to its extremities whereas Bradstreet's works show a conventional view in the religion while still staying true to it. Born in Northhampton, England, in 1612, Anne Bradstreet grew up in a Puritan society, where women were considered their husband’s property limited inside the household serving their husbands. Marriage was a significant role to women among Puritans. People believed that marriage was a gift by god. The Puritan religion and their society believed that the women’s place in society should be limited to a wife and a mother. Being a part of such society, Anna believed that God would be there for you, even during bad times. She had good faith in god. She never gave up her faith, even though times were not good. Although Anne did not ignore her Puritan role or duties, she did receive harsh criticism for her works. During this time, women were judged intellectually inferior to men, yet Anne had become one of the greatest, influential writers of her time. Similarly, talking about Jonathan Edward, he was born into a Puritan evangelical household on October 5, 1703, in East Windsor, Connecticut. He was America’s most important philosophical theologian and greatest intellectuals. He was a...
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