Animal Farm - Napoleon Essay Example

Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: October 26, 2008
In Animal Farm, written by George Orwell an important character throughout was Napoleon. Napoleon is a pig who believed he was superior to all the other animals, he began a revolution and turned “his” farms animals into his workers in order to industrialise themselves. Napoleon is a manipulative, selfish character who played a leading role in the rise and fall of Animal Farm.

Napoleon was the worst of the worst. A powerful dictator. He wanted to live up to Old Majors standard and how he saw it was if every animal were equal the farm would be better. So in order for that to happen commandments were set up to keep every animal on an even playing field. “Our leader Comrade Napoleon” was voted in to be in charge of Animal Farm, although only after getting rid of his other competition, Snowball, through use of manipulation. Snowball was all about a better life for the animals and worked hard towards making it a reality, when he comes up with plans to build a windmill, Napoleon urinates all over them and sends his dogs, his loyalest companions, after Snowball. He announces Snowball is gone and no more meetings are to take place. Boxer adopts the motto - “Napoleon is always right”, Napoleon then announces the windmill will be built anyway which confuses the animals. Squealer, Napoleons propaganda machine, says that it was Napoleons idea in the first place which Snowball stole. This was Napoleons first major use of manipulation and it shows how important he is in Animal Farm as he is the one who initiated everything and manipulated and confused all the animals, he is also the only one who gets a say on all the issues.

Another way Napoleon uses methods to make him look good is simply changing the rules to favour him. Squealer again is responsible for the wrongdoing. All of the Seven Commandments of Animal Farm are eventually broken before the commandments are "revised" to prove the pigs did nothing wrong. In the eighth chapter, the commandment that strictly forbids...
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