Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians, and Early Humans

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World History- 1st Term Trimestral

List of early human achievements during the Stone Age
* Invention of tools
* Mastery over fire
* Development of language
* Polish stone tools
* Make pottery
* Grow crops
* Raise animals

Hominid Development

Type| Found where| Brain size| Period| Notes|
Australopithecines| Africa| 500 mc 3| 4 to 1 million years ago| First humanlike creature to walk upright| Homo habilis| East Africa| 700mc 3| 2.5 to 1.5 million years ago| First to make stone tools| Homo erectus| Africa, Asia, Europe| 1000mc 3| 1.6 million to 30,000 B.C years ago| Develops technology| Neanderthal| Europe and Southwest Asia| 1450mc 3| 200,000 to 30,000 B.C| First to have ritual burials| Cro-Magnon| Europe| 1400mc 3| 40,000 to 8000 B.C| Created art|

Discoveries about early humans
1. Fossils discovered in Chad and Kenya have some apelike features but also some that resembled hominids. They may be the earliest hominids. 2. A 2,3 millions years old jaw from Ethiopia is the oldest fossil belonging to the line leading to humans. 3. Stone tools found at the same site suggest that tool making may have begun earlier than previously thought. 4. In 1996, a bone flute (Neanderthal) was discovered. This means they had that gift of musical expression (43000 to 82000 years old). 5. The finding on cave walls of drawings of animals and people dating back as early as 35000 years ago gives information on daily activities and religious practices of these people. Why do you think Homo sapiens were named “wise men”?

Homo sapiens is called “wise men” because they had much larger brains than Homo erectus no matter physically resemble them.

How did Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons differ from earlier peoples? Neanderthals
* They were powerfully built
* They have heavy slanted brows
* Well-developed muscles and thick bones
* They developed religious beliefs and performed rituals
* They believed in in a world beyond the grave.
* They survived Ice Age by living in caves or temporary shelters made of wood and animal skins.

* Identical to modern humans
* They were strong and 5½ tall
* They planned their hunts, unlike Neanderthals
* They had advanced skills in 5 spoken language
* They eventually replaced the Neanderthals

How festivals and sports can strengthen a community
Festivals and sports and strengthen a community in the way that you established common laces and solidarity. A town, village, country or community gets united when they fight for common goal and the best thing is that you don’t fight in a war, but in the sport field or in a festival.


Explain how Ancient Egypt united a kingdom
Each village had its own rituals, gods, and chieftain. By 5000 B.C., The villages of Egypt were separated in 2 kingdoms Lower and Upper Egypt. The king of Lower Egypt wore the red crown, and the king of the Upper Egypt wore a tall white crown shaped like a bowling pin. In 3200 B.C. Narmer created a double crown from the red and white crowns, it symbolizes a united kingdom. Some evidence says that were united by a king called Scorpion. 2660 B.C. – 2180 B.C. Old Kingdom

Describe Ancient Egyptian religion, burial customs, mummification and social structure * The pharaoh stood at the center of Egyptians: Religion, Government and the Army. * It was the Pharaoh who caused the sun to rise, the Nile to flood and the crops to grow. * The Early Egyptians were poly theistic, believing in many gods. The most important were: Re: The sun god.

Osiris: God of the dead.
The most important goddess was Isis.
In all the have more than 2000 gods and goddess.
* They believed in afterlife.
* They believed that they would be judged for their deeds when they died. Anubis, god and guide of the underworld would weight each person’s heart. To win eternal life, heart could be...
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