Ancient Greek Civilization Essay Example

Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: October 11, 2012
The ancient Greek society was mostly split up between the slaves and the self-ruling people, who usually owned the slaves. The slaves where the ones who would work for the self-ruling, or now we would call them the “rich” or “snotty” people without any legal consent. At times the slaves would be helping captive from war and be sold. Once and a while the slaves would have a close relationship with their owners, but most of the time they would only be used at people to do chores. In ancient Greece the men had more rights than most women. Men usually had the dominate roles. They would always be in politics and public events when the women would stay at home. When the men had guests or where invited to a dinner the wife wasn’t allowed to join. When the Olympic Games took place only men were allowed to compete. There was a sporting event for women though, it was in another part of Olympia, and it was to honor Hera, the wife of Zeus. Ancient Greeks usually made up myths to teach. You see they didn’t know how the world became, or really anything, they didn’t have cool gadgets like we do now. So they had to think up stories and that’s how they thought the world became. The myths are really interesting; they used gods to help explain the way everything became. The stories can be very strange, but actually very interesting. Greece had many influences on us today, but one very interesting one is the language. English has a lot of Greek routes. For example, the words empathy, apathy, sympathy, all come from the Greek root “path” which means to have feeling or, to suffer. A few other very common Greek roots are, bio, thermo, and many more.
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