Ancient Egypt vs. Mesopotamia - Comparative Essay Example

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Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
Egypt and Mesopotamia, although similar, are different as a result of one major natural resource: a river. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were an agricultural based society that believed in the existence of many deities; however, they differed in the aspect of how they evolved as an agricultural society and whether they feared or praised their gods.

Mesopotamia, also known as the Fertile Crescent, was located inside the Euphrates and Tigris River. The fertile land was a home to the many city-states. Although the city-states are not unified, they share the same curse/ blessing. All city states are located near the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The rivers provide rich soil that is favorable for farming. The continuous supplies of minerals, silt, left over from the flooding replenish the soil. Also, many archeologists found ditches that indicate that the Mesopotamians had an irrigation system. The placement of dikes suggests that the Mesopotamians used them in order to get rid of excess water from the flooding. Also, by using this system, the Mesopotamians will have a supply of water throughout the city and excess silt won’t layer the ground. However, it is through flooding that many Mesopotamians have suffered as well. The Mesopotamians often experienced flash flooding. The flooding would destroy crops, homes, and even deliver death. Because of inconsistent flooding, the Mesopotamians built a monumental structure in order to provide shelter to the people and serve as a granary for food. In order to make the Ziggurat, the structure, water proof, the locals would apply bitumen (a substance that is of the same viscosity and color of tar) to the exterior. After applying this substance to the Ziggurat, the people would safe from the aggressive waters. The Mesopotamians feared the flash flooding; therefore they feared the gods that- they believe- possess the power to control the rivers.

The Mesopotamian religion was mainly...
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