Anatomy and Physiology Essentials

Topics: Human anatomy, Anatomy, Physiology Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology
Review Questions (Page 20)
Multiple Choice
1.D) Chemical- Cellular- Tissue- Organ- Systemic- Organismal 2.B) The control system is involved in maintaining homeostasis 3.C) Gravity is not essential to survival
4.C) A spinal tap would be inserted into the Dorsal cavity
5.C) Hypogastric is below the umbilical and epigastric is above the umbilical region which is medial Short Answer
1.Anatomy- the study of structure
Physiology- the study of the functions of structures
2.Not understanding the structure (anatomy) will hinder the comprehension of the function (physiology) because structures have a lot to do with the function and purpose served. 4.Along with the ability to metabolize, grow, digest food, and excrete wastes an organism must also be able to reproduce and maintain homeostasis 5.Homeostasis- the ability to maintain stable internal conditions 6.Diseases are a result of loss of homeostasis

8.Nose- nasal; Calf- sural; Ears-cephalic; Umbilicus- umbilical/abdominal; fingernail- digital 9.a) Distal (farther from attachment to trunk)- foot
b) Lateral (on outer side, away from midline)- cheekbone
c) Superior (above)- chin
d) Anterior (the front)- toenails
e) External (outside)- skin
10. To separate the anterior and posterior parts a frontal section 11. Both subdivisions of the ventral body cavity contain the circulatory system. The respiratory is found only in the thoracic; the reproductive only in the abdominopelvic. At the Clinic

1.The nurse was removing blood from his inner elbow (anticubital). The patient had to remove his shirt to get a shot in his deltoid (shoulder). The patient’s calf (sural) was bruised) 2.As the body ages organs become less efficient putting the body at a greater risk for illness and making it harder to maintain homeostasis. 3.The thirsty feeling when the body is dehydrated is positive feedback because the control system wants the body to...
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