Amphibian Decline

Topics: Decline in amphibian populations, Amphibian, Species Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: November 23, 2013

1. How big is the problem of amphibian decline? Give several examples and be quantitative.

The problem dealing with the decline of amphibians is a lot larger than most people understand. The declines are at an all-time high which is forcing most species to be near extinction. There is not just one causative factor to blame for this devastating news; there are many potential causes that are resulting in these numbers. The various declines can be linked to countless natural forces such as predation, competition, disease, habitat destruction, environmental contamination, deformities, change, invasive species, and unfortunately the list can continue to go on. Scientists are so concerned with the rate of decline in amphibians because they are one of “Earth’s greatest survivors”. They have been around before the dinosaurs, withstanding the ice ages, and other climatic and ecological changes that have taken place throughout Earth’s history. Another area of great concern is dealing with a disease that is surely taking its toll on the amphibians, Chytridiomycosis. This disease is giving great loss in biodiversity in these animals because it does not take very long to cause death.

2. Why are amphibians important? Give several examples.

Amphibians are important for many reasons. They have played extremely important roles throughout Earth’s history. Some amphibians have been known to be beneficial to advances in medicine due to scientists being able to study the protective compounds they possess such as poisons and antibiotics. Amphibians serve great importance in the environment. Removing them from their habitats could have a drastic consequence on the food chain such as a high increase in insect and invertebrate populations along with predator dynamics. I do not think many people realize the impact that amphibians have on the ecosystem.

3. Describe in detail at least three sentences for amphibian decline. I expect at least several sentences of...
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