Americans Get an F in Religion

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27 March 2013
Americans Get an ‘F’ in Religion
I have recently read the article Americans Get an ‘F’ in Religion by Cathy Lynn Grossman and the message that it is trying to give out to the reader is quite simple. The article is basically saying that people in America are quite ignorant of world religions. According to the text, not knowing about religions is treacherous. “Americans' deep ignorance of world religions — their own, their neighbors' or the combatants in Iraq, Darfur or Kashmir — is dangerous” said by Stephen Prothero, chairman of the religion department at Boston University. Cathy Lynn Grossman wrote this article in order to get Americans to realize this. The goal is to encourage the people of America to at least learn some basics of religions and what separates each from others. "Religions aren't all saying the same thing. That's presumptuous and wrong. They start with different problems, solve the problems in different ways, and they have different goals." said by Prothero. The article may have been written in the year 2006 or 2007, when President Bush was in office because it reference that activities in Iraq were still happening. This correlates on why this topic is written about due to the confusion on Islamic people.

"If you think Sunni and Shia are the same because they're both Muslim, and you've been told Islam is about peace, you won't understand what's happening in Iraq.” The statement here is quite true. Many Americans do not know the difference between the two Muslim groups, which bluntly shows how ignorant the people can be. They obviously do not know enough about the religion of the people to form a reasonable opinion on the topic. The article also references two biblical cities; Sodom and Gomorrah, which people do not know were destroyed for their sinful ways. The blame for this is put on Sunday schools for not taking their job seriously enough to teach people about this. Not only do we not know much about...
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