American Civil War, Caused by Economic Struggles or Political Disagreements? Essay Example

Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: March 18, 2011
The American Civil War, the bloodiest war in America's short history, was thought to be only caused over the issue of slavery. While that did play into many of the more sophisticated arguments, there were many other deciding factors of causing the war. The war was not caused by just economic struggles, or political disagreements, but rather a mixture of both.

The economic struggle between the north and the south were all about deep-rooted beliefs. The International Improvements that the federal government sponsored would improve roads, bridges, and anything else that needed repairing. The northern states were all gung-ho about the idea, while the south believed that they shouldn't spend their hard earned money on some other state. There was also the the issue with the National Bank, while the north were eagerly awaiting this profound idea to happen, the south remained stubborn in their thought that each individual state should have its own bank, and control its own money.The most emotional, and famous economical struggle was of course slavery. Even though only a small portion of the white south owned slaves, the practice was the economical backbone of the south. It provided farmers with the means to trade with other places, and they were paranoid that the north would try to emancipate the slaves. The reason for this paranoia was because of the publication of "Uncle Tom's Cabin", which made it seem like all slave owners beat and killed their slaves for the hell of it, when in fact that they wouldn't even dare touch the beings that helped put food on their tables.

Political disagreements were also a hot topic for the cause of the civil war. The tariff issue almost made South Carolina secceed before it actually did, because they believed that they had no benefits from it and all the money through the tariff would go to the north. The south was also scared over the balance of power within the government. For example,...
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