Aim of Man Notes

Topics: Ethics, Aristotle, Plato Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The aim of man
Basically Aristotle explains the definitions of Good, Statecraft and the study of Ethics. Where the definition of Good is where all things are to be aimed for example health. Then comes the definition of Statecraft is where is the rate of infinity the desire to have it all. Finally comes the definition of Study of Ethics which talks about the pure excellence of justice which involves the disagreements and agreements of uncertainity and certainity. Arittole also talks about Happiness and where a certain point can be overlooked and how arguments can be led from first principles. Plato did infact question this and asked this alot. First principles came about in a variety of ways: by induction, direct perception, and habituation. The question then leads to where the sources of Happiness come from but a result of virtue of learning or some kind of training. Because the virtue of learning and the some kind of training is rewarded by a blessing that is generally shared but with the exception of the virtue being stunted. Happiness is built on no secure foundation almost like a Chameleon. But why is Happiness a Chameleon? as individuals living on this planet we are all different and when you think of a Chameleon; you fist think of colors and personalities. People's happiness ranges so far and inbetween he is using that example as a visual for us to see. The aims of mankind are different because we are different and have many levels of happiness. Like he was saying the ethics? what would you do if you have found one million dollars laying on the floor? Here is when the code of ethics takes place and honesty becomes reality. Would you be honest or would you run and live with the guilt of someone's money. Could you have a peace of mind? What is the ultimate happiness for you?
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