Afghanistan Today: The Current Situation

Topics: Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, Taliban Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Afghanistan Today: Jot-notes
Involvement of Other Nations
-4 dozen projects rebuilding the infrastructure of Afghanistan - Costing America over 60 billion dollars since 2001 - rebuilding/building of roads, schools, energy sources, plantations, jobs, etc. - difficulty of transformation due to people, location, expenses - what is being rebuilt or built – building and maintaining roads, -increase supply of reliable electricity, expand access to portable water, to design, construct and maintain schools, clinics, and hospitals. - America realized that infrastructure was weak in Afghanistan after the 2001 bombings

Afghanistan Post War
-On 20 September, President Bush, in an address to Congress, demanded the Taliban deliver Osama bin Laden and destroy bases of al Qaeda. - On 7 October 2001, airstrikes occurred in Kabul, electricity was stopped, at Kandahar, home of the Taliban's Leader, and in the city of Jalalabad, eliminating key infrastructure points -Taliban were responsible for 76% of civilian casualties in Afghanistan as of 2009 -A UN report in June 2011 stated that 2,777 civilians were known to have been killed in 2010, with insurgents being responsible for 75% of the civilian casualties -In total, almost everyone (96%) has been affected in some way – either personally or due to the wider consequences of armed conflict. -Since the coalition intervention in 2001, more than 5.7 million refugees have returned to Afghanistan but 2.2 million Afghans remained refugees as of 2013 Current Conditions of Life-Many Afghans view the invasion forces as not reconstructing, but making a huge amount of profit out of Afghanistan’s destruction -39% of urban population in urban areas does not have access to clean water. 69% in rural areas also don’t have access to clean water. 1 in 8 children...

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