Advance Networking Concepts

Topics: Computer network, Network topology, Ethernet Pages: 2 (298 words) Published: April 20, 2013
COURSE: Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT)
MODULE:Advanced Networking Concepts (BBT 2215)

LECTURER:Clive M Onsomu

Course Outline and Teaching Schedule
This course introduces the basic techniques of administering a network operating system. Objectives
The learner can design a physical network
The learner can manage the day to day operations of a network The learner can manage network traffic through optimization of the internetwork Serial
NumberTraining WeekTopic Covered
1Week 1Introduction to Network Standards
OSI Reference Model
TCP/IP Reference Model
IEEE 802 Model
2Week 2Networking media
Bounded media including UTP, STP, Fibre optic
Unbounded media
Network Topologies
Physical topology
Logical topology
Classification of Networks
3Week 3Networking devices and their functions
Repeaters, hubs and transceivers
Switches and bridges
WAN devices
Assignment one and two. Assignment two is a practical group assignment which must be presented 4Week 4Network Design
Design Methodology
Design considerations
LAN Design
5Week 5Structured cabling design and implementation
6Week 6IP Addressing
7Week 7Cable construction
Straight through cable
Crossover cable
Rollover or Console cable
Cable construction practicals
8Week 8Network System administration
Management responsibilities and tools
Setting up network users
Network security
9Week 9Installation and configuration of network operating system such as Win 2003 Server, any version of Linux

10Week 10User and resource administration, network monitoring and security issues CAT 2
11Week 11User and resource administration, network monitoring and security issues Network troubleshooting tools
12Week 12High speed networks and services
Network troubleshooting
13Week 13 Assignment 2 presentations
14Week 14 Revision
15Week 15 & 16Examinations



References: a. Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide
b. Matthew Liotine (2003) Mission Critical Network Planning
c. Andrew Tanenbaum (2003) Computer Networks
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