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Acts 10 - Cornelius, Peter, and the Conversion of Gentiles
At Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius who was a centurion also known as the Italian Regiment All his family was devout and worshiped God and gave generously to those in needs. (3-6)
About three in the afternoon he sees an angel of God who told him to meet Simon Peter in Joppa with Simon the Tanner (7-8)
He sends 2 servants and a devout soldier to bring Simon Peter who is in Joppa. He tells everyone what had happened. (9-10)
While Peter was praying he sees a vision
He sees a large sheet descending to the earth by its four corners and saw all kinds of unclean creatures The Lord commands him to kill and eat but Peter says that it’s unclean to eat and the Lord says to not call anything impure that God has made clean This happens 3 times and disappears

The Lord tells Peter to go with the 3 men whom Cornelius sent (21-23)
Peter asks why they came? And the servants tell about who Cornelius is. (24-26)
Cornelius brings neighbors and family and welcomes Peter.
Peter asks to Cornelius why he escorted him here.
Cornelius tells about his vision.
Peter tells about his vision and tells that God doesn’t show favoritism. Either Gentiles or Jews that anyone can be saved by believing in Jesus Christ and repenting their sins 44-46
The Holy Spirit came to them and they praised the Lord and spoke in tongues 47-48
Peter baptizes them with water and stayed with them for a few more days.  
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