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BUS 247
Gillian Bubb - Monday 1:00 – 3:50
Tuesday 5:30 – 8:20
PHIL 100
Ethan Davis – Tuesday 11:30 – 2:20
Tuesday 4:00 – 6:50
Friday 10:00 – 12:50
Peter Raabe – Thursday 10:00 – 12:50
Glen Blair – Wednesday 2:30 – 5:20
Thursday 7:00 – 9:50
BUS 201
Kirsten Robertson – Thursday 11:30 – 2:20
Friday 11:30 – 2:20
STAT 270
Monday 2:30 – 3:50
Wednesday 2:30 – 3:50
Friday 11:30 – 12:50

University of the Fraser Valley –May - June 2014

Course Name and Section:Principles of Macroeconomics Section 50186 Instructor:Nancy Stewart
Class Hours:Tuesdays and Thursdays 830-1120
Classroom Number:ABB 140
Office Hours:Thursdays 1130-1230
Office Room Number:C2401
Contact Information:In addition to office hours, I am available to help by e-mail, which I check and respond to regularly, Monday to Friday, during business hours.

2COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course develops a basic understanding of economy-wide issues such as growth, composition, and fluctuation of overall output, the determinants of unemployment, inflation, and interest rates, and the role of the financial system in facilitating savings and investment. It teaches students the tools to understand the debates surrounding current macroeconomic issues and to evaluate various policy instruments. Techniques in measuring aggregate variables are studied and these variables are subsequently employed as inputs for macroeconomic models utilized to provide insight into economic policy issues. 3REQUIRED TEXTBOOK:Mankiw, Kneebone, McKenzie. “Principles of Macroeconomics” 6th Canadian Edition, Nelson. Education Ltd. and RECOMMENDED FOR HOMEWORK: Study Guide for the above text, prepared by Fortura and Manouchehri.

4COURSE WEBSITE:Lecture outlines and grades are on the course website. To encourage class attendance and participation, lecture outlines will not include lecture information.

5SCHEDULE OF TOPICS: The attached page provides a tentative schedule and is for information only, although exams will be held on the dates indicated. Note: It is your responsibility to check University information for admission dates and deadlines for withdrawing from courses.

6ATTENDANCE AT EXAMS: It is your responsibility to be on time and prepared to write exams on the scheduled dates. Exams will not be rescheduled. Additionally, there are no “make-up” exams. If you are absent, your mark will be zero.

ILLNESS: If you will be missing an exam due to MEDICAL REASONS, you must email me to let me know this on the day of the exam, and you must also produce a note from a physician which states the Doctor certifies you are ill and the specific date that you cannot take a test.

7COURSE EVALUATION: Your grade in this course is based on a midterm exam (50%) and a final exam (50%). The final exam covers material only in the second half of the course.

8CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM: Cheating is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. We will have a class discussion on this topic. Students are directed to review the University’s policy on scholastic offences at

9CLASS ATTENDANCE: The responsibility for attendance is entirely yours. However, given the additive nature of the course and the fact that lectures will sometimes include additional material than the text, regular attendance is strongly encouraged. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to cover the material and to obtain the class notes, examples and other work from another student. I do not provide “make-up” lectures in office hours for students who miss classes.

10CLASS BEHAVIOUR: Be on time for class. Late arrivals are disruptive. If you are repeatedly late, we will...
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