ABR Guidelines 2013

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ABR 794/796

This set of guidelines for the course Applied Business Research (ABR 794/796) is divided into the following sections:

1) Introduction and Administration
2) Research Proposal
3) Research Report
4) Conclusion



Central to all managerial activities is the ability to make informed business decisions. Often the difference between making good decisions and committing blunders lies in how managers go about the decision making process. Hence managers are required to consistently study and analyze issues to ensure that all decisions made are well grounded with facts and strong rationale. In cultivating these habits, managers are required to be aware of and be involved in some form of research activity as and when they make decisions at the work place.

Further, managers often interact with research consultants who are engaged by the organization. It is therefore necessary for managers to discriminate between good and bad studies undertaken by these consultants. Whenever the need arises managers are required to undertake or participate in research to solve problems. In addition, managers are also required to evaluate the findings and value of studies published in professional journals and to be able to adapt to the changing work environment.

It is for these and many other reasons that Applied Business ABR (ABR 794/796) is a compulsory activity and a REQUIRED experience for students prior to the award of the MBA/EMBA by the Graduate School of the Faculty of Business Management, UiTM.


Business Research is often described as a “systematic and organized effort to investigate a specific problem (or a few related problems) encountered in a work environment or a given task or a given setting, that need solutions. It is worth mentioning that Applied Business Research (ABR) is not to generate a body of knowledge by trying to comprehend how certain problems that occur in organization can be solved. Such exercise is undertaken in Basic Research. However research done with the intention of APPLYING the results of findings to solve specific problems currently being experienced in the organization, or currently being faced by a given task in a given environment that are constantly changing, is what ABR is all about.

In the running of the business enterprise, RESEARCH is primarily conducted to resolve problematic issues in or interrelated among functional areas. These problematic issues could be treated either from Macro or Micro perspectives or be strategically treated as effort for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of managing and creation of shareholders value. Thus ABR is designed to be a capstone achievement whereby potential MBA/EMBA graduates are required to undertake activities that exhibit the mastery of the knowledge acquired throughout the time spent in pursuing MBA. Integrated knowledge is of course what is best expected, but thorough knowledge in specific areas of study, either applied to a given task or environment is much encouraged. All in all, the preference is definitely for knowledge acquired in the classroom to be applied to current work challenges or to a focused area in which MBA/EMBA graduates are expected to play a role in future undertakings including as employees, employers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs or technopreneurs.


ABR carries a 3 hours credit load with no classroom contact hours at all.


It is to be undertaken by a group of not more than 3 and not less than 2 students. This is to enable students to realize that:

(i) No one has a mastery of all the knowledge within an MBA/EMBA curriculum. Hence combined effort or teamwork would enable cross learning among participants.

(ii) No one works alone in a work...
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