A. Y. Jackson: Greatest Painters in Canadian History

Topics: Canadian art, Group of Seven, Lawren Harris Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: July 8, 2006
A. Y. Jackson is the one of the greatest painters in Canadian History. He painted the landscape of Canada on the canvas with new style. His new style was crude and eliminated the details of objects. With his group members he traveled all over the country sketching out Canadian landscape and endeavored to depict the nature as it is. It was innovative but not appealed to the public because people assumed that anything European is automatically superior to anything Canadian and Impressionism was commonly known to public thus conservative people didn¡¯t accept his innovative paintings which filled up with thick and short brushstrokes and brown dominated colors. But Jackson and the group members kept their mindset. They insisted European painting style is not suitable to depict the Canadian nature as rough and muddy rather than shiny and gold color fulfilled atmosphere with cow on the pasture field. Jackson was influenced by Impressionism and worked on improving his own way of painting style to depict the nature of Canada. He was born in Montreal and studied in Paris for few years. Once came back from Paris, he painted Edge of the Maple wood. In the painting he depicted the shadow of the trees and blue sky with cloudy atmosphere. These factors show that he was influenced by French Impressionism(Smith). But these factors are not found from his later works which were rather be muddier and brown tone ground with desolate atmosphere as we can see in A Lake, Autumn, Georgian Bay. This expression was one of his various ways of depicting the landscape. His color of painting was varied depending on the seasons and area. He wanted to depict the nature as the way Canadians perceive. His canvas was filled with crude color of white snow in winter, and if autumn comes he painted with vivid red which can¡¯t be found in European style of art. Horatio Walker¡¯s The First Gleam of Dawn (1900) is one of the typical Impressionism influenced work. It depicted shepherd with cows in the...
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