“a&P” vs. “Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

Topics: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Character, Protagonist Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Both “A&P” and “Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” are simple stories about everyday life, and the way normal people deal with the monotony of their lives. Both stories include characters that are faced with simple but tough problems. Sammy, the main character in “Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”, obviously hates his job at the A&P, and he finally quits after his boss does something that he thinks was unfair. Walter Mitty is tired of his boring life so he daydreams to get through it and to escape from his overbearing wife. Both characters are similar but the main difference comes in their actions. Sammy faces his problems head-on while Walter Mitty just tries to forget his problems instead of doing something to fix his boring life.

“A&P” and “Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” share several similarities and differences. Both stories are set in the A&P supermarket, but the climax of “Walter Mitty” is set in the main character’s head rather then the actual store. Both characters have boring lives during the stories. Sammy works a boring job while Walter Mitty lives a boring everyday life. However, we do not know anything about Sammy’s life outside of his job. He probably is enjoying life outside of his job because he lives on the beach and it is summer time. However, we do know that Walter Mitty’s life is always boring, and he is tired of dealing with his wife. In addition, we know that Walter Mitty is old, and it is too late for him to change his life so he just daydreams. But Sammy is young and still able to make changes to his life. For example, instead of wishing to quit his job like Walter Mitty might do, he actually takes action and does quit his job without regretting it.

College teenagers will probably enjoy “A&P” more because it is easier for young people to relate to. Most teenagers can relate to hating their job and quitting it due to bad bosses. Teenagers daydream as well but they only do it during school and work instead of their everyday lives. Elderly people...
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