A O Neville

Topics: Racism, A. O. Neville, Indigenous Australians Pages: 3 (1279 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Does the movie present Mr. A. O. Neville as a liberator or as a jailer? The Australian movie “Rabbit Proof Fence” presents a sensational story about three half-caste young girls who escape from the settlement Moore River where in which they were abducted and taken to. The movie reveals the racism that took place between white Australians and Australia’s Aboriginal people. The movie clearly portrays Mr. A O Neville as a racial activist. Mr. A O Neville did what we thought was right. He did what the law said and carried it out the best he could. It can be said that Neville tried his best to improve the conditions in which the people lived, but there is clear evidence that he never tried to improve anything. Neville always put himself, the white culture, and the government first before he cared for the people he was responsible for. Mr. A O Neville joined the civil service in 1897, where he quickly was promoted through the ranks. In 1915, he was appointed to the role of Chief Protector of Aborigines. During most of his career, he presided over the controversial policy of removing Aboriginal children from their families. The Aborigines Protection Amending Act 1915 is what enabled the Protection Board to remove Aboriginal children from their parents. There were many motivations behind this. This includes child protection, where children were taken because of being abused or being neglected by family. Another reason is a desire for white purity and most importantly not to create another unwanted race of people. Neville personally believed by taking the half-caste children, eventually the race will become white and not stay mixed. “They cannot remain as they are” (Neville) Though Neville is portrayed as a jailer in the movie, there is an argument that he was actually a liberator. He cannot solely be blamed for his actions. His actions clearly caused a lot of anguish and grief to Molly, Gracie, Daisy, and their parents. The Aboriginal Act passed through Parliament...
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