A Doll's House (Henrik Ibsen) Essay Example

Pages: 2 (916 words) Published: February 15, 2011
The nineteenth century was an era of male dominance. Women were expected to have limited education, stay home to take care of children and housework, and always obey their fathers and husbands. Some women enjoyed performing these tasks, believing these were their God-given roles, while some silently resisted. This prevented these women from speaking out for their desires, and as a result, they felt trapped in their own homes. Most of them lived a sacrificial life. Everything they did was for their men and families, but not for themselves. They were dolls that were controlled and toyed with by their husbands due to their material and emotional dependencies on their men.

A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is not only relevant these days, but A Doll's House paints a dark picture of many contemporary families today. Most of the central ideas are still prevalent in today’s society. There are still women today that feel trapped by their marriages, still run away from their marriage’s leaving children behind, and still feel that it is important to do more then get married and have children. On the other hand, there are also still men who control their wives and treat them as if they are less viewed in society. One of the reasons that I feel that A Doll’s House still exits, is that many women like Nora still feel trapped by their marriages. Some women, I’m sure this might be more common in upper class societies, fell that they are not equal to their husbands, just like Nora felt. They don’t receive all of the prestige and praise that their husbands do, and they wonder what their role is in the marriage. Many women of today still feel like they are a “doll” with nothing of importance to do. They have nannies and babysitters who can take care of their kids and maids who take care of their house. On another note, although it is a lot more common now if not even a more accepted part of today’s society, women still run away from their marriage leaving...
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