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Topics: Windows XP, Microsoft Windows, Windows 2000 Pages: 7 (1585 words) Published: August 8, 2012
Pre-Assessment Reports:
1. Which of the following standards provides for data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps with a maximum cable length of 5 meters?...... *RS-232
*IEEE 1284
*USB 2.0…(correct answer)

2. You are resonsible for managing the client workstation at your company. A user calls and explains that her monitor does not work. While troubleshooting the issue,you discover a bad video card in the system. You replace the card and connect the monitor cable to the card. *Implement preventative measures

*Document the solution
*Explain what you did to fix the problem
*Test the solution…(correct answer)
3. The Srv1 has a shared printer attached named Printer1. You want to allow user Karen Marcoff to delete and reorder documents in the print queue. She should not have any unnecessary permissions. What should you do? *Make Karen Marcoff a member of the Print Operators group

*Give Karen the Manage Print permission
*Give Karen the Print permission
*Give Karen the Manage Documents permission….(Correct Answer)

4. Which of the following functions are associated with an AMR riser card?(select 2) *Network
*Modem…(correct answer)
*Audio….(correct answer)

5. The sidebar is a feature of which Windows version(s)?
*Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows7
*Windows Vista…(correct answer)
*Windows Vista and Windows 7
*Windows XP
6. Six months ago, you purchased a new laptop. Since then, you have noticed that the battery life has steadily going down. When it was new, a full charge lasted about 3 hours. Now you are lucky to get 2 hours before the battery charge level drops below 5%. *CALIBRATE THE BATTERY (CORRECT ANSWER)

*Buy a new battery
*Clean the contacts on the battery
*Replace the power meter chip .

7. A user called his organization’s Help Desk because he can’t access work-related resources on the Internet from his workstation. A Help Desk technician visited the user’s desk to fix the problem. The user’s desk was somewhat clutterd, so the technician re-arranged and organized the items on the desk. She also decided to rearrange the user’s personal photos on the desk into a more pleasing arrangement. After fixing the problem the technician left a detailed description of how she fixed the problem for the user.

*Yes , the technician handled the request correctly
*No, the technician should have talked to the user directly instead of leaving
*No, the technician should have e-mailed instructions to the usser.The way, he could fix the problem himself the next time it happens…….( correct answer)
*No, the technician should not have rearranged the user’s desk.
*No, the technician should have handled the request over the phone instead of visiting the desk.

8. You have a laptop running Windows XP with with a single type III PCMCIA slot. You have started windows and have been using a modem in the PCMCIA slot. Now you want to remove the modem card and replace it with an exernal CD-ROM drive that uses the PCMCIA slot.

*Remove the modem card, then insert the CD rom
*In Network connections, disable the dial-up connection associated with the modem Remove the modem card, then insert the CD-ROM card. *Shut down Windows. Remove the modem card and restart Windows. Insert the CD-ROM card. *ON THE SYSTEM TRAY, DOUBLE-CLICK THE SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE ICON. SHUT DOWN THE MODEM, THEN REMOVE IT. INSERT THE CD-ROM CARD. *Shut down Windows.Remove the modem card and insert the CD-ROM card. Restart Windows.

9. The best way to dispose of chemical solvants and cans is to use:
*The general trash collection system
*A license disposal organization.
*The public sewer system
*A controlled fire
10. You are setting up a small Windows 2000 network in your office with one server and 50 client computers. You want to spend as little time as possible to configure all of the client compyters with IP address. What should you do? *Assign each user an IP address and...
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