A Young Mom

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A Young Mom
Mother is the most special person in one’s life. Being a mother is a very hard thing but at the same time it’s fun because as soon as you see your child all the bad vibes will be gone. Being a mom is a big responsibility wherein you can never quit. Mother bears and gives birth to a child. So this is where I start, having a baby at a very young age is really tough. While I do not regret having my daughter or having her so young, I do think things would be easier for us if we have just waited for the right time. I’m lucky though I was fully supported through my whole pregnancy right through labour. My parents were both disappointed. But still, they ensured me that they would be there for me. I’m strong minded and I made the decision to carry on with life as usual. I carried on with my schooling right until I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. Without the support of my friends and family I wouldn’t be in this position where I am now. They’ve all given me strong words of advice and loving comments. My boyfriend was amazing as well as his family. Despite all the hardships I’ve went through during pregnancy I can still go on and can do anything for our baby. Going back to school is an advantage for me. I wanted to get my BS and find a decent and stable job. Being a young mom with an education is extremely beneficial to my child well-being. Having this foundation is so important to me. Parenting is hard. Free time is no longer on the schedule and sleepless nights are regular, but in no way I do regret having a child at a young age. So young moms don’t be too harsh on yourselves, enjoy your motherhood and spend it in a fruitful way. So people can’t say any negative comments about you being a young mother. You, what would you do if you were in my situation? *End.

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Ma. Mellonica F. Hermogeno
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