A World Without a Religion

Topics: Faith, Religion, War Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: May 25, 2013
a“ A world without religion is a world full of peace and harmony” Some people believe that a world without religion would lead to world peace and harmony in the entire world. In their opinion all the wars have the same reason: differences in religious beliefs. People compare God to a car manufacturer whose brakes do not work. According to their opinion, God gave us a “ car “, told us to use it, but never mentioned that once you start the car and reach top speed, you are basically risking your life. This metaphor equates the risk of driving a car without brakes with following the rules of a religion. In the following, I will present my arguments and clarify the usefulness of religion in the world. Most of the countries have certain laws set by the government, and these laws almost always agree with religious laws; for example, the Jordanian law which states the illegality of consuming alcohol in public perfectly matches the Muslim law, which states the forbiddance of drinking alcohol in general. In this case, the Muslim law backs up the governmental law and does not interfere with it at all. Furthermore, history has taught me that humanity is very talented when it comes to looking for alternative reasons to start a war, like it was in WWII. The main cause of WWII is the human instinct to trade power for morals. The greed for more made Hitler attack several countries of which 90 % practiced the same religion as Germany. WWII is not the only war which was not caused by religious aspects; indeed, several wars were started by disagreements in political views or cultural beliefs. In conclusion, I would say that wars are inevitable. A lot of countries use religious beliefs as an excuse so that they have a legitimate reason to invade other countries, since the greed for more is no longer considered as an acceptable reason to do so. It is an instinct, which makes us fight over things we want. Animal species for example fight over food; we, unfortunately, fight over...
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