A World Without Money

Topics: Human, English-language films, Money Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: February 24, 2013
There are things in the world that people cannot live a day without. Some people can’t live a day without coffee, some without any sleep, while some without friends. Just think about the possible destructive outcome that might occur when people get deprived of those or of anything that the humankind would not entirely be without. Try to imagine a world without a specific medium of exchange, a main determinant of an economy, an equivalent for goods and services – money. How will the economy, neigh, the world exactly be without the existence of money? Will the world be far better off without it? Trying to imagine the world without money is sort of like attempting to imagine the sun not rising. It is quite difficult and impossible to think about because money is such a huge thing in our lives. We depend on money to pay for everything that we need and want. If it weren't for money, how could we have possibly gotten those things? Although, given the idea of living without money, the world will not end upon its abolition, but it will still exist. The ones that will end probably are poverty, greed, taxation of the people, debts, social elite controlling the economy, and hunger for power. Along those would be the annual creation of a national budget, court hearings of officials accused of corruption, and wars brought about by greed for money. There is no question that a way of life without money will improve, if not completely eliminate all of these problems. It would also be that of a resource-based system. People will only rely on God-given resources for survival, all of them free of charge without anything in exchange. All humankind’s necessities and common luxuries will be available, sort of like a help-yourself basis or self-service basis at a store. On the other hand, seeing the world without the existence of money will still question our capability to distribute our goods and services evenly according to need rather than by the ability to pay. By merely thinking...
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