A world without laws

Topics: Law, Human, Human rights Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: August 25, 2014
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A World without Laws…

Imagine a world without any laws. No rules, no commands and in fact we only follow rules of our own. Try to think of it. Fun! Isn’t it? Now, imagine a world without any laws. No rules, no commands and just your rules to be followed. It’s also crazy isn’t it?

To have a world without any laws means not only to be free but also to be in a world with chaos. For example, the traffic rules, Without any traffic rules, how can we determine whether we are on the go signal or not? Can you imagine it? A car being smashed by another? What result would that supposed to be? Ofcourse! What else? It’s accidents. Yes I can say that every person has his/her rights to wish for his/her freedom however, this freedom should be limited. In this case, I can also say that even though they can do anything what he/she wishes for, he/she can never wish what a government wishes to have in its institution, to have peace and order. Yet, people wish for their own interest and it doesn’t help each other. Imagine the people peeing in different places, different streets? Or how about people who throws garbage anywhere? Do you think it’s healthy? A big NO for me because these things results into floods, typhoons and other natural calamities being held not constant or even worse deseases.. This makes the lives of others to be in danger. What about buildings making their goods at higher price or shall we say doing the act of overpricing? Is it helpful to us? I say, no. How can people with little income buy food with too expensive goods? How can they live their lives without buying it? The tendency would be robbery. They will be forced to rob food shops because they can’t afford a high price of goods because they are poor. They will be forced and in such case would make it a hobby because of that high prices of goods. Imagine the world without any law enforcers; do you think we can live peacefully? To those who have lost...
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