A World Turned Upside Down

Topics: Mental retardation, Constable, Love Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: March 2, 2013
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5 March 2013
Essay #2
A World Turned Upside down
Tom had been a police officer in Los Angeles for the past twenty years. He was the type of person who would always help others in need. This sometimes made his job more difficult. Every time Tom would bust a criminal he would always follow up with them afterwards and try to positively affect that person’s life. Tom’s job was his life. He never was able to start a family because he was always working. He practically lived at the precinct. Tom never tried to find love because he felt he already had love with his job and nothing would ever be able to replace that. Tom was a Marine Corps sniper and small arms, munitions instructor for twelve years and formed a love for his country. His transition of love for his country to love for his city and the people he touched on a daily basis was a tough one at first. Any military person will tell you it’s hard to transition to civilian life after being a killer for so long.

One day when Tom was working the beat in downtown L.A., he decided to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant. After lunch, while driving back to his zone he passed a fellow officer questioning a homeless, mentally handicapped man. Tom saluted his friend as he drove by. After he passed, he decided to loop back around and stop to chat with him. When he did make it back around Tom witnessed a horrible act. The other officer had the homeless, mentally challenged man on the ground and was brutally kicking him in the head. Tom decided not to stop and kept driving aimlessly trying to think about what he just saw. When Tom was in the Corps he was taught that you never question your fellow soldiers. He has abided by that rule for the past thirty-two years. Very bothered by the situation Tom decided to turn in his fellow officer to the chief. The police chief seemed disappointed, but Tom did not know what he was disappointed about. Was it that he reported the incident or the fact that the...
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