a world in flux

Topics: United States dollar, United States, Unemployment Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: November 9, 2013

A World In Flux by Andrew Broggins

In an election year where all things cannot be considered constant and things are forever changing we are in a world of flux. Just a year ago, the things happening in our local economy, national economy, and worldly economy, couldn’t have been predicted. In the midst of an erratic and hostile election year, where there are mass changes of commands of world powers and numbers are up and down in a week from revisions and upticks, who knows where we will end up next.

Groton Connecticut, where the home of the United States Navy Submarine base and The Submarine Capital of the world, is also the source of 15000+ southeastern Connecticut jobs and is pumping 4.5 billion dollars annually into south eastern Connecticut’s economy according to Michael Melia of The Associated Press. Michael Melia is also worried about what sequestration will do to Connecticut’s economy because of BRAC, which is base closure and realignment commission. Politicians within Connecticut’s legislature on both sides of the isle are using bipartisanship and all resources possible to save the states investments into the America’s military power. In 2005 BRAC almost accomplished closing the Subase and almost threw the economy of southeastern Connecticut into free-fall. Some of the blame has been placed on the Obama administration’s spending habits, another portion on the senate’s inability to act promptly. Now the new candidates to fill the vacated seat of former senator joseph Lieberman, are vying for the position and task of keeping the economy of southeastern Connecticut in equilibrium, but as Michael Melia states it takes political connections to get the job done.

In October 2012 according to the bureau of labor and statistics there was an uptick revision of the unemployment numbers based on non-farm payroll increases of 171,000, but there was a decline in September that essentially makes unemployment unchanged. The...
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