A World Apart: Prison Systems in the World Comparing the United State Prison Systems to Australia

Topics: Prison, United States, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: August 6, 2011
A World Apart

A World Apart
Prison systems in the world comparing The United State prison systems to Australia. The United States has two different types of institutions private and government. The private institutions are paid from the state governments and commonly a lower cost to the state. Private institutions can choose who comes in as far as inmates or employee. The state ran institutions are a little more expensive, they have to except inmates no matter what and are able to hire the most qualified candidates for the job. The purpose of private institutions is to have the lower cost for the states. By granting the private security companies a license to run a state owned facility, the cost can be controlled well, than if the state was to control the supervisor. Intermediate sanctions can not only benefit both the prisons and the inmates themselves. It benefits the prisons by lowering the inmates within the jails and prisons. This allows the prisons to have more controlled environment and the accurate amount of correction officers to the inmates. They provide counseling for a number of different psychological problems and also programs for drug abuse, these programs can be very beneficial to the inmates. In the southern region of Australia there is a institution called Yatala Labour Prison, this is considered a correction institution because of its large capacity, another called Port Lincoln, but this one is much smaller then Yatala and is geared to smaller yet more productive reasoning’s. The Yatala prison population size can accommodate up to 468 prisoners in cell blocks all together, it has men and women. It can accommodate protectees and it is a public facility. As more of a rehabilitation facility Port Lincoln can accommodate up to 90 prisoners. Australia is an independent country, therefore all of its territories are different; all the different territories do not have the same criminal justice system. The United States is the same in a way. Not...
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