A Woman's Time and Space That Collapses the Family

Topics: Family, Time, Space Pages: 4 (1495 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Alexander Macias
A Woman’s Time and Space That Collapses the Family
Chicana writers are those that will publish work with various themes that will connect majorly with the female audience. Some like Helena Maria Viramontes will write stories that have a theme of time and space for the character usually involving the child bearer. Many do not realize that the mother in the group is what keeps the clan running, and by having her fall off reality is when that unit will be wounded. This is known as fragmentation which is defined as the disintegration, collapse, or breakdowns of norms of thought, behavior, or social relationship. There are many reasons a family can undergo fragmentation such as illness of a family member, violence, conflict, and so on. However what does this do to the protagonist of the story who is dealt with a disease that continuously is living in the past? For example in Viramontes short story “Snapshots” and another who continues a horrible cycle that must be shattered in her other work known as “The Broken Web”. Through the use of time and space are these stories told to identify the collapse of the women’s relationship behavior.

When Alzheimer disease begins to develop for Olga, in “Snapshots”, who would look at her photo album where she would be “haunted by the frozen moments and the meaning of memories” (Viramontes 100), is where majority of her thoughts lie and as Rosaura Sanchez scholarly essay “Deconstructions and Renarrativizations: Trends in Chicana Literature” states “space and time are congealed in photographs and in her mind” (54). She is stuck within the timeframe when the photograph was taken which she begins to reminisce to the events that occurred in during those days where the woman believes to be “a habit much more deadly” (Viramontes 101). It does not help that she has to continue to remember that her husband had left her and has remarried. She is constantly denying herself the absence of her significant other especially...

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