A Woman Without Paint Is Like Food Without Salt.

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Cosmetics, Egypt Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: May 26, 2011
People may be surprised to know that makeup has its own past. In fact there is a long history of makeup that has led it to the point where it is today. Pharaohs and great queens of Egypt wore, makeup thousands of years ago and while it wasn't composed of the same materials, they still used it in similar ways as people do today. Women and men have been wearing cosmetics for over centuries and still are now in days. The styles have certainly undergone some dramatic changes over time but makeup is still being used the same way.

Everyone wore makeup

Nutt Amy from the website History of Make Up discovered that the ancient Egyptians took a lot of pride in their appearance. Everyone, of all ages or gender wore make up. Men, women and children of all ages and classes wore makeup for important ceremonies like marriage, rebirth after death, temple festivals and religious ceremonies, and it was also used in the daily basis. Women wore it to attacked man, and men wore it to let the women know that they were clean men and liked to be attractive, most of the children wore it to be creative and fun. All women and men wore this makeup for medical reason to protect themselves from the sunlight and other infections that were in Egypt. Now a day’s makeup is not worn to cure diseases or protect your self from sunlight but it is used to look more attractive.

How it was made

According to Mega Partin from the website Egypt Makeup.com Udju was made from green malachite (green ore of copper) from Sinai. Sinai and its mines were considered under the spiritual dominion of Hathor, ancient goddess of beauty, joy, love and women. "Lady of Malachite." Mesdemet, a dark gray ore of lead, was derived from either stibnite (antimony sulphide) or, galena (lead sulphide.) Galena was found around Aswan and on the Red Sea Coast. The powders in ancient Egypt, preparations were a little more different then ours. The cosmetic material had to be powdered on a palette and then this powder mixed...
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