A Welcome Speech on Freshers Day

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Freshers Day Speech by HOD

Good afternoon everybody,

My Dear colleagues and my dear students,

You are celebrating Freshers’ Day 2012 in a very colorful way. My compliments to you all.

At the outset, I would like to congratulate the freshers i.e. third sem students for a glorious task that they have done. That is choosing PDIT as your alma-mater. You have chosen a great institution for your education. You have chosen the Best Engineering College in the region. You have chosen us as your mentors. I thank you on behalf of all the teachers of EC dept for placing a great trust on us.

I extend a very warm welcome to all the freshers with open arms, open minds and open heart to the E&C dept of PDIT.

E&C branch is an evergreen branch. Electronics is the most happening field in the world. When in Rome, be a Roman. Similarly…When you are in an engineering world.. be an engineer…When this is an electronics world, be an electronics engineer. Take pride in your chosen profession. That is the way to be a prime mover in this evolving society.

We offer here 360 degrees learning; We do not want our students to become bookworms… the four years time, you spend here… that is not right.. four years time- you invest here -should shape the whole person in you… because these four years are the most formative years of your life. We know the value of this time. Hence, we create here an environment to give you a holistic learning. We want our students to excel not just in studies but also in other areas like sports, games, art, music, dance etc. One who can play well, can study well. For a tree to grow taller, to raise in the sky, it has to penetrate deeper into the soil. They are the polar opposites. To study well one has to play well. We know the value and importance of all-round development. PDIT has an environment to bring to light and nourish the hidden talents of our students.

Second year in engineering is considered to be a little difficult time....
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