A Wasteland of No Motivation

Topics: Homework, Parent, The Reward Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: April 6, 2013
A Teen's Descent into Delinquency
Though most teenagers are hormonal, moody, and most of all temperamental, they are often misunderstood. Teenagers go through a series of changes and emotional states. More often than not, parents do not realize the repercussions their actions could have on their child. In the story, “Teenage Wasteland” by Anne Tyler, Donny is lackadaisical in his school work which is deleterious to his overall grade. Daisy, his mother, tries to salvage his grade by taking extreme measures. She goes from one bad idea to another in hopes of changing his faineant behavior. Even though daisy is trying to help, one cannot be either too lenient or too inexorable in doing so.

Like all parents, daisy wants the best for her child. She sees potential, but his unacceptable effort drives her to be strict and harsh. Daisy is scared that Donny may not succeed in life, unless he gets his act together. This fear pushes her to control all of Donny’s work. On Donny’s teacher’s request, Daisy checks his homework every night. Since she started so late at being a responsible parent, she “saw the poor quality of everything he did.” It isn’t that Donny is incapable of doing the schoolwork. It is that since he’s been slacking off for so long, he doesn’t know how to do it correctly or matter of fact, care. Not seeing the ruse for what it is, is unfortunate. However, being fooled by Donny doesn’t make Daisy a bad parent, but the steps she takes afterwards does. She both under and overreacts to Donny’s predicament. Unfortunately, she lets her anger and frustration take over thus influencing Donny’s behavior unfavorably. Parenting requires a unique balance of control.

The hardest thing for parents to do is raise kids. They not only have to take them everywhere, but they also have to teach them what is right and wrong. Most parents use the reward and punishment system, much like trainers do for their dogs. If they do something good, they get an item of interest. If...
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