A Warm Hug: an Ode to Mom's Home Cooking

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A Warm Hug
An Ode to Mom's Home Cooking
By Eric Flieth
February 8, 2006
There are certain things in life that everybody loves. Whether its money, nice cars, a beautiful home, or a significant other. There is one thing that seems to trump these all and never gets mentioned much. That true love is mom's home cooking. Before you write off my assumption as bland and ridiculous, consider this. Besides the presents, and the family time, what is most people's favorite thing about Christmas? If you say mom's home cooking, well you are right. When you went off to college or just moved out on your own, what was your favorite aspect of coming home? I'll bet the farm that it was mom's home cooking. Finally when you were a kid and you had a bad test, or someone picked on you that day, what always seemed to make things better and put a smile on your face? Was it video games? Nope, it was mom's home cooking. To me it is the meaning of everything that is good in life.

My mom is such a great cook. Anything you could think of, she'd make it. I know I'm biased and all since she's my mom, but I'm not going to be offended if you said your mom was the best cook you know either. This is why we all love mom's home cooking, because we all believe that our mom's home cooking is the best. It's that belief and notion that makes it so special.

When it comes to cooking, my mom is of a special breed. You have to be when you cook for a family of seven and not have one complaint. One thing that makes her stand is the fact that she has an upright freezer and a deep freeze in the garage devoted just for pies. I loved coming home on weekends with the whole house smelling of bread, apples, cinnamon, and sugar. When mom made pies it was like a family holiday. Everybody would gather in the kitchen and wait for that first pie to come out of the oven. We'd all fight for that first warm, savory, sweet slice of heaven.

Christmas time is always a special time. Family, presents, and of course...
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