A Warm Golden Brown

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Race Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: January 12, 2011
A Warm Golden Brown

In the short story ‘A Warm Golden Brown’ by Alexander Reid I extremely dislike one of the characters. The characters name is Mrs Preedy. Reid uses characterisation and structure to make the reader feel this way towards Mrs Preedy. She behaves in a horrible way, she is rude racist and a controlling person especially towards her son, Ben, and these are all character traits I dislike in a person.

The story is about a relationship between Ben Preedy and Daisy. Ben is white and Daisy is black. They are both very imaginative children that want to build a harbour. This relationship is halted by the interference of Mrs Preedy. She is very strict about Ben playing with black people. Ben tries to stand up to her but is left defeated.

The principle way the reader is made to feel such strong dislike for Mrs Preedy is through Reid’s characterisation of her. She is described in a very unattractive way; she is ‘plump’ with a ‘colourless complexion’, which makes her unappealing to the reader. Her actions are very violent as she ‘slammed shut the window and dragged a curtain across it.’ She is very sharp tongued towards Ben with her voice ‘low with undertones of fury.’ When Ben stood his ground and tried to stand up for Daisy, Mrs Preedy was outraged and started to make racist comments like ‘coffee coloured rubbish’ and ‘tarbush’. She gives no reason for her horrific behaviour. She is very socially prejudiced too as she says ‘until were out of this place, which, thank goodness can’t be long now.’ She thinks she is above everyone in the neighbourhood and can’t wait to leave it. Another reason why the reader dislikes Mrs Preedy is of her hypocrisy because she started to paint her legs ‘a warm golden brown’, when she discriminates against black people. After saying Daisy is a disgrace because of her colour makes her horrible to have the nerve to try to paint herself the same colour.

There are other reasons why we are made to feel strong dislike...
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